Aboard with Gary

Meet Gary Barrett, an Englishman who has lived the past 20 years in Gibraltar. Gary is Sunborn Gibraltar’s concierge and has happily been greeting and organising experiences for our guests for the last two years. We sat down with Gary over a coffee while he was surrounded by brochures and experiences on his desk.

How does it feel to work in the world’s first floating hotel?

It still feels surreal to actually think that I spend my entire day on a floating luxury hotel. When I first started I immediately knew that this was a special hotel different to any other hotel I had visited in the past. I may have been working as the hotels concierge for over two years but the satisfaction of seeing our guests enter and experience what I felt when I first stepped on board is very exciting! 

What makes Sunborn Gibraltar a unique place to visit

Sunborn Gibraltar is the Worlds first 5* Super Yacht Hotel and that in itself is special because the hotel was purposely built to be a hotel and not an actual ship. Even though all the features are visible this is what makes the Sunborn experience. The hotel is impressive with state of the art technology within the bedrooms, no more having to get up from bed to turn of your lights or close your curtains. Within the hotel we are very fortunate to comprise of 2 restaurants, 5 bars, casino & spa! A resort hotel in itself.

Describe Gibraltar in three words?

Location, Rock, culture 

I have chosen these three simply because Gibraltar is beautifully located at the entrance to the Mediterranean sea with Spain & Morocco as neighbours. I also chose the Rock as a description and I will let you see for yourself when you first set your eyes on the rock. Thirdly, culture. A fusion of cultures is what makes Gibraltar special. Every culture lives in harmony. 

You recommend our guests the best restaurants in Gibraltar, is there a fusion of flavours?

If you read my colleague Mirko’s last post on our new Sky A la Carte Menu… you will read how the different influences in Gibraltar give rise to a gastronomic fusion of British, Spanish, Moroccan, Italian and many more. Recommending restaurants in Gibraltar is getting harder by day as more restaurants are opening and the quality is also aiming higher.

How fortunate are we to have Spain & Morocco so close by?

Gibraltar is a great hub to venture out into Sour then Spain and Northern Morocco. It is not every day that you can visit 3 countries, 2 Continents in one day! Yes, one day. It is possible to enjoy breakfast in Gibraltar, have lunch in Tarifa, Spain and then experience a candle lit dinner in Morocco. I consult our clients of the fantastic opportunities firstly in Gibraltar followed by the experiences available at our neighbour. Simply imagine that Gibraltar is surrounded by sea so sailing, jet ski and dolphin watching are some of the possibilities during your stay! Leave us a comment so that I can personally contact you.