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Welcome to the first ever purpose built hotel as a Super Yacht!

A new hotel concept. We have fantastic restaurants and bars to make you feel so very comfortable.

When I first arrived in Gibraltar, May 2016, I was introduced to the first three days of rain the location had experienced (according to folklore). I since moved to GIB (my new affectionate term but rarely use) on July 1 and have had an amazingly warm welcome. Not to mention, business has been booming: we have had more than 30% improvement in occupancy during the summer.

Living in GIB, I found the Rock, to be so exciting! I traversed the radical incline 3 times during July and August. Experienced everything. I was impressed by the views over the bay but most shocked of the views of the Strait of Gibraltar into Africa.

The obvious question for many is Brexit. I think that Gibraltar provides a perfect backdrop for a UK resident to enjoy a breakaway trip for a weekend (Urban Getaway) and be able to travel within a country using UK Sterling and skip the currency exchange.

It has been an imprint in my memory and certainly something I think is important for my children to understand. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to show them this part of the world.

See you soon!

General Manager
Sunborn Gibraltar