Keep your fitness schedule flowing while on holiday

We often hear guests mentioning how difficult it is to main their fitness schedule. Rightly so, some may take their holiday as a break of everything to do with work or exercise. This week we wanted to write about how it is possible to maintain your fitness schedule while you also enjoy all the benefits of your stay in Gibraltar.

We have highlighted our top 3 fitness experiences while on holiday in Gibraltar:

Sunborn Infinity Fitness (deck 7)

Our dedicated exercise area includes cutting-edge Life Fitness cardio-vascular equipment that will help you to build and maintain your optimum level of fitness in a controlled environment. We have taken resistance training to the next level, too, with brand new Insignia equipment – ideal for improving muscle strength. There’s also a large sauna for essential post-workout relaxation.

Mediterranean Steps (Upper Rock Nature Reserve)

Mediterranean Steps is a path and nature trail perfect for those who enjoy trekking. The path is located entirely within the Upper Rock Nature Reserve and was constructed by British military. It is now used by civilians as a trekking route popular with locals and visitors. The trek ends in the summit of the Rock with views over the Strait of Gibraltar, Gibraltar’s east side beaches, the Mediterranean Sea. Please note: The steps require a level of fitness and we would recommend a certain level of activity before attempting.

Reshape & Rumble  (High Intensity Training)

45 Minutes of physical and mental intensity and exercise that you never thought possible. This highly intensive group experience is designed to condition and re-sculpt selected muscle-groups. Designated Cardio, resistance & functional training areas will provide a workout platform that will help tone your body and break your barriers. Their Rumble training are classes that make you burn hard and HIT hard; incorporating explosive speed, footwork, strength but most of all willpower. Reshape & Rumble is a perfect way to maintain your fitness schedule.

Our recommendations are based on different levels of activity and if you require more information upon your arrival our team at front desk will gladly assist you. Our intention is to keep your fitness schedule flowing so you can feel great even when you’re on the road.