Meet Artist Maiju Tirri, Sunborn’s First Art Exhibit on-board.

Sunborn Gibraltar recently opened its first art exhibit featuring Finnish artist, Maiju Tirri.  It is the first installation of “Go Culture” which will include two exhibits annually. The exhibition is located in the hotel lobby and Sky Restaurant. An introduction to the artist in person took place in April with entertainment from Gibraltarian singer & songwriter, Guy Valarino, in the Sky Restaurant on the 7th Deck.  Maiju’s collection will be on display until the end of summer 2017.

“I am proud to announce the first Go Culture event with Maiju Tirri and as the first art exhibit held on-board. Maiju was thrilled to be part of the hotel’s first exhibition”, says Marc Skvorc, General Manager of the Sunborn.

“I’m honoured to be chosen as the first artist to display my art collection in this series of Sunborn Gibraltar “Go Culture” events started in April 2017. It is a brilliant opportunity to bring world class art to visitors on-board Sunborn and add value to their experience in the beautiful hotel. Today’s travellers and business travellers are busy with limited time to visit galleries and cultural events, it’s a great idea to bring art to Sunborn hotel where visitors are relaxed and can appreciate art with more ample time. The average person spends 17 seconds looking at an art piece in a museum. To understand art it requires time to check every detail & the story behind the painting. When you observe art with concentration and time this gives you an opportunity to see what might not be clear at a first glance”, proclaims Maiju.

Maiju Tirri has held various solo and group exhibitions around Europe and has works in public and private collections in Europe, Middle East and USA now currently residing & working in Southern Spain.

For images and more information, contact:

Maiju Tirri

Sunborn Gibraltar acknowledges the generous support of artist Maiju Tirri & Guy Valarino for their support with our first series of cultural exhibition’s on-board Sunborn Hotel.

If you would like to be considered for one of our future art exhibitions in the Go Culture series please contact us.