New A la Carte Menu at Sky Restaurant

Sunborn Gibraltar’s Executive Chef Mirko Scarabello is delighted to announce our new Sky Restaurant winter A la Carte Menu.  We caught up with Mirko to ask him how clients have perceived his new menu.

Tell us about the new menu & what influences a gastronomical fusion?

Ever since I arrived to Gibraltar I have been amazed by Gibraltar’s history and how everyone lives in harmony considering the different cultures you can find in Gibraltar.

Therefore, my plan was to create menu that really gathered all the beautiful flavors of this part of the world.

The new A la Carte menu is a fusion from North Africa to Greece and at no point forgetting Spain and France.

Clients who have experienced our new menu have had very positive commentsand this keeps me and my team going!

You are originally from Italy? Have you blended your own culinary expertise into the new menu?

I was born in a town near Venice and as you will know food culture is everywhere in Italy. My family was no way different, ever since I was a child I always knew that I would somehow end up creating beautiful culinary dishes like those shown in the new A la Carte menu.

I always try and influence my dishes and give a slight twist according to my own Italian traditions. An example of this in my menu is seen in my Oxtail Ravioli and our new tagliatelle main.

Any plans for the near future at Sky Restaurant?

The near future looks very bright here at Sky Restaurant. We are already planning to go deep into the fusion of North Africa, Greece, Italy, France and Spain of course. The taste of our beautifully created dishes will be our utmost importance.

Creating a concept where sharing items from the menu is important. Our guests will be able to make the most of our sharing tapas which will result in an unforgettable culinary experience.

Sky Restaurant will be launching some very exciting news in the next coming weeks. Our readers will be the first to find out! Watch this space.

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