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Welcome to the first ever purpose built hotel as a Super Yacht!

A new hotel concept. We have fantastic restaurants and bars to make you feel so very comfortable.

When I first arrived in Gibraltar, May 2016, I was introduced to the first three days of rain the location had experienced (according to folklore). I since moved to GIB (my new affectionate term but rarely use) on July 1 and have had an amazingly warm welcome. Not to mention, business has been booming: we have had more than 30% improvement in occupancy during the summer.

Living in GIB, I found the Rock, to be so exciting! I traversed the radical incline 3 times during July and August. Experienced everything. I was impressed by the views over the bay but most shocked of the views of the Strait of Gibraltar into Africa.

The obvious question for many is Brexit. I think that Gibraltar provides a perfect backdrop for a UK resident to enjoy a breakaway trip for a weekend (Urban Getaway) and be able to travel within a country using UK Sterling and skip the currency exchange.

It has been an imprint in my memory and certainly something I think is important for my children to understand. I am fortunate to have the opportunity to show them this part of the world.

See you soon!

General Manager
Sunborn Gibraltar

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  1. Marc Skvorc says:

    Dear David,
    We certainly conduct private transfers from Malaga airport. And very happy to arrange it for you. From Gibraltar airport, the service is provided by the local taxi association for a very short journey normally of just a few minutes.
    All the best,

  2. David says:

    Hi Marc
    we have had two lovely stays onboard your yacht and hope to return next year
    Last year however saw the end of your private airport transfers.
    Is there any chance this service will return in 2017?

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