Top 5 Summer experiences in Gibraltar

Christmas is certainly near and many of us will be enjoying the festivities in the cold which essentially adds to the Christmas charm. However, January will come by quickly and you will be wishing to escape to a sunny destination? This week we recommend Gibraltar’s top 5 Summer experiences.

Famous for its history and cultural wonders. The Rock of Gibraltar offers much more than you will ever imagine? To many Gibraltar reminds them of an extension of Britain in the Mediterranean, rightly so. however, the past two decades has seen Gibraltar blossom into a modern 21st century tourist destination offering much more than the Gibraltar Macaques & VAT shopping. It’s little wonder that there are so many exciting experiences on offer here. Here’s a list of just five of our favourites.

Walking & Wine tour

This is an opportunity for visitors to go on a gentle and interesting walk through town and Gibraltar Botanic Gardens. The tour starts at Casemates Square at the entrance to the Main Street in Gibraltar and takes you back through time, discovering Gibraltar’s past and its history during the Moorish, Spanish and British periods and you will learn about the development of its people and its culture. Total tour distance is approximately 1.5 kilometres.

Soon after you finish the walking tour you will enjoy a wine and tapas experience at My Wines, set in Chatham Counterguard, a beautifully restored old ammunition depot which has been turned into a wine cellar.

Sailing trip through the Straits

Imagine sailing through the Straits of Gibraltar just before sunset drinking a glass of Champagne while you sail through 3 countries two continents.Aside from sailing there are many other thing to do on the rock of Gibraltar, the northern component of the pillars of Hercules.

Our sailing partner Allabroad offer one hour high speed Rib tours during your sailing course and Jet Ski safaris, ringos, wake boarding etc.  You can try out motor cruising onboard their 47 foot 1000hp motor cruiser.


Are you a fishing enthusiast? Gibraltar’s warm climate, sheltered bay and open seas is a good catch for anglers due to the unique positioning of the Rock with the Atlantic merging into the Mediterranean via the Strait. Its deep sea fishing provides a thrill difficult to match and well-equipped boats offer an opportunity for big game catches such as bluefin tuna, with some fish reaching 300kg on the scales.

In addition the area is abundant with a variety of pelagic game fish like Bonitos, Little Tunny, Dolphin Fish and Skipjack Tuna to name a few.

Summer adventures

Are you visiting Gibraltar with a friend/couple or a group? Summer adventures in any of Gibraltar’s beaches range from stand up Paddling, raft building with a group to kayaking around Gibraltar gazing at the Rocky cliffs and beautiful caves.

Alternatively if you prefer land adventures why not visit the Upper Rock Nature Reserve in the morning and walk Mediterranean steps. A truly remarkable journey where you can experience what it feels like to venture to one of the highest peaks ( a must do).

Lower St Michaels Cave (Not for the faint hearted)

Below one of Gibraltar’s most visited sites, St Michaels Cave, private tours of the lower section of the caves can be organised. A very adventurous tour which is not suited for people who suffer from claustrophobia.

In 1942, it was decided that an alternate entrance was required to improve air circulation within the emergency hospital located at St. Michael’s Cave, as well as to serve as an emergency exit in case of airstrike. Whilst blasting the rock in order to create an extra opening, another deeper system of caves known as Lower St. Michael’s Cave were discovered. The series of descending chambers are riddled with almost all known cave formations, including a lake of crystal clear water. Sunborn will happily arrange this tour for you with a private guide for your group.

Our Concierge Gary will happily assist with any of the experiences we have recommended so please leave us a comment if you wish to know more about Gibraltar’s summer experiences.

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