#WeddingWednesday’s. Your Destination Wedding in Gibraltar.

I recently attended a networking event in Sunborn London (which is our sister company based near Excel London – Canary Wharf area), and had the opportunity to speak to a number of different agencies from the UK about Sunborn Gibraltar. After chatting to quite a few people about the hotel, I realised how vital it was for me to endorse Gibraltar in order to be able to promote our 5* Luxury Super Yacht Hotel.

For destination weddings obviously before looking at the hotels/venues within the area, you have to choose which country you would like to host your wedding. From experience, when choosing to host your wedding abroad and you want your family and friends to be present on your special day, you have to be realistic as to where you choose the wedding to be.  Yes, they can make a holiday out of it but weddings in itself are already costly for guests, so if you wish for them to go abroad then you have to consider they have to pay for flights, hotel etc. it all adds up. So if you are looking to have a wedding party of say 20 – 50 guests then closer to home is probably a much better choice.

Gibraltar has been known as a destination wedding for a number of years, John Lennon got married to Yoko Ono in 1969 on the Rock and it is one of the few destinations where you can get married in 24 hours (The marriage registry office makes it easy and simple to book a wedding). For guests, it is only a 2.5 hour journey from the UK and once you land (in one of the top three most unique runways in the world) it is a 10 minute (yes 10 minute!) taxi drive to Sunborn Hotel.

Gibraltar is definitely what I would describe a very unique destination, with its vibrant culture, rich history mixed with the relaxed Mediterranean vibe – it is definitely a great place for a short getaway to enjoy a bit of sun (300 days of it I might add!).

Gibraltar has a lot to offer for wedding parties, everything is only really 10 minutes away (you can run around the rock in under an hour!). For your guests, you can entertain them with rock tours – visits to St Michael’s Cave, arrange for wine and tapas tasting in one of our local restaurants (My Wines is a personal favourite and where you will meet all the friendly locals!), arrange for a finger food buffet in one of our unique external venues (botanical gardens) before the wedding or if you are looking for something more exciting we can even arrange for your guests to do some water sports (jet ski’s anyone). If you would really want your guests to have the full experience, you can cross the border to Spain and we can arrange for your guests to go to Tarifa for kite surfing or just to visit the area (only 40 minute drive) while you finalise any wedding plans with the venue coordinator or suppliers.

Being a local I genuinely do believe that Gibraltar can offer a unique experience for your wedding party and as a team member of Sunborn as a hotel we will definitely ensure we create an overall memorable experience for you and your guests. If you want to know more about what to do in Gibraltar, go visit the Visit Gibraltar Website which will give you a better insight on everything you can do while you stay here in Gibraltar.

Until next week