Visit Gibraltar in 24 hours

25th October 2016 / in Gibraltar / by Dylan Trenado

Welcome to our Gibraltar section of our blog.

It is with great pleasure that we launch this part of our blog. In this section you will be able to read about Gibraltar and what exactly it has to offer. Each post will focus on the different possibilities to enhance your experience during your stay in Gibraltar.

This post will focus on what to do in Gibraltar if you only have 1 day.

So, you have 1 day in Gibraltar and you have just checked in at reception on board Sunborn Gibraltar? Here are our suggestions to try and fit an exciting itinerary into your only possible day to visit the Rock.

Breakfast at Sky: Start the day experiencing our fantastic breakfast buffet before you commence your days itinerary.

Glass Factory experience at Gibraltar Crystal

Commence your Gibraltar adventure by visiting Gibraltar’s very own Glass factory in Casemates Square.

Have you ever wondered how glass is made? Have you only seen this on the Discovery Channel? Well if you come to Gibraltar, visiting the Glass Factory is a must.

A short tour of glass making captures the essence of glass making.  The glass factory houses their own production team and you can easily become involved with the team as you may even try and make your own wine glass.

Visit the sites & the Barbary macaques

Soon after your glass factory experience make time to visit the Upper Rock Nature reserve, the Rock tour is a must when visiting Gibraltar.  The tour captures history and a visit to the  renowned apes which have long been an iconic feature to Gibraltar.

Sites such as St Michael’s cave with its fantastic auditorium, is an emblem feature as you gaze at the fantastic stalactites which display this wonderful cave.  Visit Apes Den, see the Barbary macaques in their natural habitat.

Where should I have Lunch?

By this point in the day we would recommend lunch in one of Gibraltars most exclusive areas for dining, Queensway Quay, situated outside the heart of town. This marina is ideal to sit down and experience lunch in one of the many restaurants while gazing at the beautiful views of the marina.

Have you ever seen dolphins up close?

If nature is of interest… why not visit the Dolphins in their natural habitat? Your next stop is famous all over the world for its ever present population of wild dolphins, with temporarily visiting dolphins visiting the bay and Straits of Gibraltar for food and shelter.

The dolphin tour companies are right next to Sunborn Hotel and they run daily trips. There are two companies, the yellow boat being Dolphin Adventure and the blue one being Dolphin Safari. Our concierge team can assist with tickets.

Relax and enjoy

After a fun filled day in Gibraltar all you want to do is relax.  This is the only possible day to visit Gibraltar’s top sites and activities, so with this in mind we recommend the many different places in Gibraltar which offer the opportunity of wine tasting followed by tapas, on a warm evening in Summer or Autumn.

Chatham Counterguard being one of them is the place to be if you enjoy wine & tapas.  If you are a wine enthusiast and enjoy tapas visiting this is strongly recommended.  Along with this, the Sunborn Hotel and its bars offer the best selection of wine and tapas platters, a great compliment to our sommelier selected wines.

There are many other features that make Gibraltar a truly wonderful destination to visit.  If you are planning on visiting Gibraltar in the near future, let us know and our concierge team will happily schedule any trips or activities both in Gibraltar and the surrounding area.

Next week we will be blogging about Gibraltar and the Christmas season.

Happy Travels